Game of Thrones Second Screen

HTML/CSS - Javascript - Balsamiq - Keynote

Role: Prototype and UX Design; Project Management

Game of Thrones is an extremely complex narrative in terms of character relationships and can easily disorient many viewers.  Through the careful use of space, relevant iconography, and appropriate filters, the character map succinctly describes the complex character relationships on the show, communicates the emotions of the scene, and brings the viewer deeper into the shows narrative.

the problem

Compelling television narratives are becoming increasingly complex. Shows like HBO’s hit series “Game of Thrones” can have up to 40 interrelated characters appear in a single episode all across a massive fantasy world. This places a huge cognitive burden on the viewer which can make a show confusing and frustrating to watch.

the Solution

To reduce the cognitive load for the viewer we created a companion application that allows the user to fill in their knowledge gaps at a glance. This application is broken into two parts: A world map and character map. The world map shows where main characters are located in relation to each other. The character map shows the viewer at a glance what characters are in a scene and allows them to dive deeper into their relationships with each other. This app shifts some of the cognitive load away from the viewer allowing them to watch with greater enjoyment and engagement .

Initial Wireframes

Medium fidelity Wireframes