Remember Me


Imagine being able to meet members of your family from hundreds of years in the Future.  Remember Me's Neural Mapper and Conscious Cloud service allows you to upload your neural net's unique electrical patterns to our cloud based storage system while you sleep.  Using our service will ensure that who you are will 



The Neural Mapper tracks your brain's activity during the four stages of sleep.  In the first three stages it uses the newly developed Quantum resonance imaging (QRI) to map out the exact structure of your neural net down to the dendrite.  When you enter REM sleep the increased electrical activity in your brain automatically switches the Neural Mapper to its Quantum Electroencephalography (QEEG) to track each neurons electrical impulses.  The data collected from the during QRI and QEEG is then Automatically uploaded our cloud storage system. Our system then uses complex algorithms to identify your neural net's unique structure and electrical patterns, in other words what makes you you.


Before using the Neural Mapper make sure that it has charged for at least 8 hours. To use the Neural Mapper, attach it near your temple before going to sleep, similarly to the way you would a hair clip. Once you have closed your eyes hold your finger on the power button located near the thicker end of the Neural Mapper. After three seconds a chime will sound letting you know you that the Neural Mapper is powered on and ready for use. Once asleep the Neural Mapper will automatically upload your neural net's unique structure and electrical impulse patterns to our cloud storage service. When you wake up in the morning turn off the Neural Mapper in the same fashion you turned it on and plug it in for charging. For best results use the Neural Mapper nightly with a full 6 to 8 hours of sleep.


With advances in cloud storage, quantum imaging and computing, and consciousness research, for the first time ever humans can outlive our physical bodies.  Remember Me's Neural Mapper and cloud storage service provides a person a path to transcend his or her physical form. This has far reaching implications that will positively effect the longevity of our species such as space travel and extra terrestrial colonization.  However, we also understand the important philosophical questions that our technology raises, such as what is our human essence.  We are willing and ready to explore these questions deeper with you and help you decide if Remember Me is right for you. Our continued work at Remember Me will make sure that you will continue to be apart of your family for generations to come and never be forgotten.